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Love this scent!!!

I get so many compliments ❤️

Wonderful fragrance

It was pure luck when I found this fragrance. I love it!!

Smells great!!

This is a fabulous scent to buy blindly, I was very surprised!! I only wish the scent lasted longer....seemed as if it dissipated rather quickly.

The wild fire perfume smell so good! It’s even worth it the penny!


It's just the way I feel when I wear this scent...very free, so alive and sensual...

Smells so good

I been looking for a perfume that last for a long time and this one was it ! Smells amazing !

Summer Rain, a beautiful scent

Summer Rain is my new spring and summer scent. Fresh and a bit floral. It is not heavy, but stays with me all day. LOVE IT!!

Love all three!

I had already purchased Mystic Pearl in the past so I knew I loved it already. I love the other two just as much!

Earthy Warm Seductive!

Wild Fire definitely lives up to its name! Earthy, warm and seductive! I smell the Jasmine and Ylang Ylang notes right away, but after setting, the Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk come into play. This is where the seduction starts! Hints of wildfire smoke, bring back memories of sitting around an intimate campfire late at night. It's a fragrance where people will stop and ask you, what is that fragrance you are wearing because it is so different from any fragrance I have ever worn. Such an alluring scent!

Amazing scent

I loved the fragrance. It is long lasting and my husband is using it as well since it’s unisex.

Beautiful long lasting scent!

I love my desert blush fragrance! Smells beautiful and it’s not over or under powering. I don’t wear fragrance often because they can give me a headache but this one does not AT ALL! Highly recommend for people with allergies or sensitive to overpowering smells like me! Now I can’t wait to order the sample of the other scents because this one is amazing!

Love the smell!

I received this perfume in a Birtch Box I got. It wasn’t for me but my wife loved it and I love it on her. This is the second time I bought it for her.

My go-to!

Woodsy, creamy & fresh.. this is my go-to on the daily. I'm always on the fence as to whether Winter Oak or Wild Fire is my favorite.. I love them both but prefer Winter Oak for daily wear.

Beautiful Unisex Scent

This scent is beautiful! The sandalwood really comes out in this scent. It is a warm scent that definitely makes you feel like it's a warm day and almost adds just a hint of scent to your skin. It isn't an overwhelming scent and is beautiful.

Love it Amazing long lasting scent!

I gifted this cologne to my husband who is now a huge fan of Raw spirit's desert blush unisex perfume, it's high quality and its scent last on your clothes for days! It has a warm cedarwood and sandalwood musk scent with a mix of jasmine and other floral notes. My husband loves cedarwood, sandalwood, and jasmine so this naturally has become a favorite for him because it has all 3 scents in it. This perfume is inspired by the Australian desert dusk and part of it's proceeds go toward helping indigenous Australian cultural projects. We love this product, highly recommend it, and are now long term customers of Raw Spirit perfumes!

Definitely love it!

Even though I have more than 70 bottles of perfumes this perfume became my number #1 now. Love the scent! Stays all day long! No reason not to love this perfume!


I was beyond blown away by the Quality & power of this fragrance. Definitely a must have in your Collection. Soft woods with a mild winter spice

It’s an awesome perfume

Best sent

This is liquid gold. Love it!


I have received this fragrance as a complimentary gift but I had no obligation to write review. This is my honest opinion. This fragrance has very fresh and citrusy scent that is perfect for spring and summer. It's a everyday scent for me, very comfortable, not irritating and very attractive. Fragrance is unisex which is my favorite part in this product, not very feminine and not too rough. The packaging was very sophisticated, minimalistic and elegant. 100% recommend this fragrance for summer days.

Beautiful scent

I love summer rain, it is so fresh and gorgeous

Best Fragrances Ever!

Raw Spirit is one of a very few companies who makes fragrances I LOVE and I get the most compliments on. Not to cheat on the other fragrances by those other companies but Raw Spirit is my favorite. Their unique scents set them apart from traditional women's fragrances. I hope Raw Spirit makes more body butters/lotions and new products like body wash scented with their fragrances one day because I cannot get enough!

Enchanting fragrance!!

Perfume to me is the most important accessory of all. It's a must that I wear a fragrance everyday. Without it, my outfit is incomplete. Perfume is so versatile and the perfect accessory that you can always change depending on seasons and moods. It makes me feel happy and beautiful. The smell of my perfume is something people will remember me by. There is magic in a scent and it is so powerful.
Recentley I was intrigued with a perfume from Raw Spirit fragrances . Summer Rain is a unisex fragrance that was calling my name. The packaging is sophisticated and elegant. The black and gold bottle compliment my vanity perfectly. Summer Rain is a beautiful, intoxicating scent. The smell is bursting with notes of citrus from grapefruit and kaffir lime, mixed with orange flower and jasmine petals. At the base, notes of haitian vetiver and cedarwood complete this fragrance. The best way to describe this smell is refreshing and clean. The name fits this fragrance so well. It smells like fresh summer rain in the air on a tropical island. It reminds me of being at the beach soaking up the sun, which has always been my happy place. Everything about this fragrance makes me feel warm and safe because it reminds me of home. I love when I find a fragrance that compliments me like this one does. I'm ecstatic that I found this perfume and this will always be in my collection. I can't wait to try out more fragrances .

Gorgeous Musky Scent

This is a beautiful musky and woody scent. Although, it is unisex, I feel the scent is more masculine, but I think any woman can rock it as well. The scent lingers for a long time and I've received some great compliments for it.

Love these fragrances!!

These are my best kept secret. I love all of them, its hard to decide which one to wear.