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I will wear this until I die. Forever my scent

favorite perfume, smells clean and fresh. has a clean laundry smell, it’s really nice


Whenever I wear this perfume compliments and questions follow me. I really haven’t decided on my favorite. I do find it has to be reapplied often.


I love all of the raw spirit perfume and cologne. I have trouble deciding what to wear each day. I have 3 rollers and everyone and I mean everyone comments on my perfume. I am a perfume snob I like the expensive stuff and I have forsaken all of my others for raw spirit I can’t wait to try some more and I need a gallon of wildfire it’s my new signature smell


I love them all. I bought the sampler to share with my daughter and she loves them too


I just received my Scent Bird and I sprayed Summer Rain and it's love at first smell, OMG, I need a huge bottle of this wonderful perfume.

I’m so very happy

Love my Nama Flame, Ivebeen searching for years for something “me”, I found it and I LOVE it!

Love the purfume. Quick and smooth delivery with personalized thank you and purfume sample. Lovely packaging as well!

It smells great with no headache

Customer Service

I ordered the wrong scent and had to contact customer service. They went above and beyond to help me get the product I wanted! Citadelle is my absolute favorite!

BIJOU VERT Unisex Perfume, Eau de Parfum Spray 3.4 oz Luxury Size

My favorite ❤️

Very happy with my selection, wild fire, has some spice and some what sweet, not very strong, I love it! Thank you❤️❤️

Fresh and clean!

Love Citadelle! Its lemon and pear top notes gives it a fresh citrusy vibe and its Haitian Vetiver and cedarwood gives it lovely depth. Because Raw Spirit sources sustainable and natural ingredients, it will continue to be my #1 choice!

Winter oak

I introduced my daughter to this fragrance and now it's her favorite. Now I have a sure gift for Christmas and her birthday. I wear several of the raw spirit fragrances also. Nothing else compares.

Let me count the ways...

This fragrance is amazing. Just beautiful! Combo of body butter and spray lasts all day and night! The body butter is just that, it's not like any body cream I've ever used. Really wonderful!

Travel with this!

Some of these scents do take me back to the Outback from when I was in Oz. I like them, but they are a bit out of reach for me personally.
Doctoral tuition comes first these days, although I would like to wear these scents in the future.

They smell wonderful

Each of the samples I received smell great. I can't decide which one I like best


It really does smell like a dusky pink! The Boronia note is new to me and it's just heavenly. This is a really nice balance of warm floral, sandalwood and soft musks. Definitely on the feminine side of the unisex spectrum. Very original and elegant. Works great for any season as well as an everyday or evening/date night scent. Had a nice customer experience when I was looking for my coupon code too. Great find, and a very cool company! Will be sharing with family and friends :)

Absolute Favorite

Many men and women have asked me for details of this lovely scented cream. Makes me happy using it!

One word “FANTASTIC “

Without a doubt, the most compliments given when I wear this scent. ❤️

Fall Favorite

Perfume is just as detailed.I have reached out to customer service about my order. Please provide contact information so that I can deal directly with the proper department to resolve. TY

An incredible expression of natural flowers and resins

An incredible expression of natural flowers and resins that are skillfully blended to capture an unadulterated scent that Carrie’s throughout the day! Love like no other !

Lila Avery-Fuson
Artisan essential oil distiller, formulator, aromatherapist, founder.
Central Coast Lavender CA

Signature scent

I love this perfume. I've bought it in the past and felt like I was wearing the same scent too much but I haven't found anything comparable