Discover Australia - Rollerball Set

Discover Australia - Rollerball Set


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Discover Australia - Rollerball Set

Emulating the heat of the Australian desert and inspired by its tantalizing aromas, our Discover Australia Rollerball Set is the perfect gift for confident fragrance wearers who enjoy wearing unique warm, sensual fragrances and appreciate complexity of notes.

Available for a limited time, our Discover Australia Rollerball Set includes one Desert Blush 7.5ml rollerball and one Wild Fire 7.5ml rollerball.


a warm, sophisticated, floral scent

Inspired by the Western Australian desert at sunset, just before darkness falls. The harsh light of the daylight softens, turning the red soil into a deep pink. The land seems to exhale, filling the air with a sensual, dry, and sweet aroma.

A heady scent featuring wild-harvested Australian sandalwood and a hint of the intoxicating floral note of Australian Boronia.


a dry, woodsy, sensual scent

Inspired by the intoxicating scent of the Western Australian outback in the intense heat of summer. The dry air tingles as wild fires threaten.

A seductive dry, woodsy scent blending premium wild-harvested Australian sandalwood with creamy amber and floral notes of ylang ylang, jasmine petals, cedarwood and musk.


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