FIRE TREE Fragrance Oil
FIRE TREE Fragrance Oil
FIRE TREE Fragrance Oil
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FIRE TREE Fragrance Oil

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FIRE TREE Fragrance Oil Rollerball 0.25 fl. oz./7.5mL

Fire Tree Fragrance Oil, a sensual, unisex, smoky and sweet fragrance oil.

Fire Tree originates from the ancient lands of Western Australia. Arising from the ashes, the fire tree (Balga) is symbolic of rebirth and is prized by its traditional guardians, the Nyoongar people, for its ability to amplify the wearer's energy and attract like-minded souls.

The rare, smoky-sweet oil of the fire tree is blended with premium wild-harvested Australian sandalwood. The smoky, wood notes mingle with clean, fresh - almost lilac - top notes and a sweet, spicy heart.

This fragrance oil has been created using wild-harvested raw material collected with consent and collaboration of representatives of the Nyoongar people of Western Australia, the traditional Indigenous guardians of the Fire Tree.


Experience: Roll directly on skin focusing on pulse points on neck and wrists.

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