In November 2012, Nomad Two Worlds launched its first fragrance, Fire Tree, which has now been nominated as “best Indie Fragrance” by the Fragrance Foundation's US FiFi Awards (the fragrance industry's equivalent of the film industry's Oscar Awards).

This limited-edition, unisex fragrance oil is a unique blend of Australian sandalwood and fire tree oil, a very rare, honey-colored oil that is extracted from the fire tree which grows abundantly throughout the south of Western Australia. Within the Nyoongar community, the tree’s traditional, Indigenous Western Australian custodians, the fire tree is an ancient symbol of rebirth. When applied as a fragrance, it is believed that fire tree oil’s smoky-sweet, almost floral scent possesses the unique ability to amplify the wearer’s energy and attract like-minded souls.

“I am proud be working with key members of the Nyoongar community on this extraordinary product, celebrating their traditions and culture while also helping to create economic opportunities for the community,” said Russell James, Founder of Nomad Two Worlds.

(Russell James, pictured with Miranda Kerr and Nicole Trunfio, at the New York launch of Fire Tree in 2012.)