A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Raw Spirit Scent

Whether you’re a fan of citrus scents, woodsy, floral, green, or beyond—our collection has a fragrance for everyone. We’ve compiled this guide to help you discover the perfect Raw Spirit scent for you!

You're a fan of floral fragrances...

If you typically enjoy floral fragrances, we have two unique floral scents that would particularly appeal to you:

Desert Blush is a warm floral fragrance with sweet, fruity opening burst from our unique natural ingredient, Australian boronia flower, drying down to warm, sensual notes of sandalwood and cedarwood. Desert Blush is a floral scent that's not overly sweet—we like to describe it as a sophisticated floral fragrance.

If you prefer more of a refreshing floral fragrance, we’d suggest our tropical floral scent, Mystic Pearl, a modern interpretation of a classic floral fragrance. Mystic Pearl is particularly unique because we created it using the scent from real South Sea pearls, giving Mystic Pearl its opening burst of ocean freshness—drying down to notes of tropical white flowers, ylang ylang and frangipani, a touch of coconut, and a hint of warmth from tropical spices, cinnamon and nutmeg.

You're a fan of clean, fresh fragrances...

Whether you like citrus or green scents, we have three fragrances that would appeal to you:

Summer Rain is our fresh and invigorating citrus scent, opening with refreshing notes from a citrus bouquet of kaffir lime followed by a burst of orangeflower and jasmine, and anchored in a base of premium, sustainably sourced Haitian vetiver. Summer Rain is effervescent and bright, and will provide you with an instant sense of rejuvenation—the perfect citrus addition to your collection.

If you prefer more of an elegant, green fragrance, Bijou Vert is for you! Premium, sustainably sourced Haitian vetiver gives Bijou Vert its green, clean notes blended with fresh citrus notes from grapefruit and mandarin. Bijou Vert is an uplifting fresh scent that will leave you feeling restored, cheerful, and confident.

If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s clean but makes a bold statement, Citadelle is the scent for you. Citadelle is clean and refreshing, with notes of sustainably sourced Haitian vetiver, citrus and pear, and a spicy heart from the ingredients cinnamon, nutmeg, and cedarwood. It’s a fragrance that will leave you feeling at once refreshed and noticed.

You're a fan of woodsy fragrances...

If you find yourself drawn to more woodsy scents, we have two fragrances that are woodsy, but in very different ways:

Wild Fire is warm, sensual fragrance that’s a blend of woodsy and floral notes (and it's our brand ambassador, Behati Prinsloo's favorite). Opening with soft, floral notes of jasmine petals and ylang ylang, Wild Fire dries down to a warm heart of sandalwood and cedarwood that emulates the heat of the desert—a sensual scent that wears close to your skin.

If you’re interested in a bold woodsy scent, try Winter Oak, a decadent fragrance featuring smooth, creamy notes of aged American oak blended with layers of suede, saffron, and Haitian vetiver. Winter Oak is an intoxicating and bold scent for those looking for a fragrance that’s unconventional and makes a strong statement.

Each of our fragrances has a unique twist from our choice of premium and exotic natural ingredients. The best way to explore our fragrances is to apply the scent directly onto your skin to see what blends best with your body chemistry. Explore all of our fragrances with the Raw Spirit – Discovery Set, which includes 7x sample vials of our complete Eau de Parfum collection.

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